This is my studio.  I live in an old house that was built in the late 1800's.  The garage is detached from the house, so we just added on to the back of the garage.  I love it being so close to home.  Lots of nights I have to get up at all hours to check a kiln and it is very convenient to just run out the back door and a short distance across the yard.  The first door goes into my display room (gallery) and the other door goes into my throwing room.  The glazing room and the kiln room are in the back. 

I made my first pinch pot in May 1990 and fell instantly in love with clay.  Be careful out there, it is very addictive. :)

Below is a map to my studio.  I recommend everyone call prior to visiting to make sure that I am home. phone # 334-644-4195


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